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Frequent Asked Questions

 Q:  I would like to be involved in that  project  , who  can I contact and how do I help ?

 A. The best way to contact us is  e-mail  at burundiempowerment@gmail.com,  you can also complete the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Usually, it takes one to two working days to respond your query.  

Should you need to help ,please  use the details below:

Account Name: Burundi Empowerment  

Bank name: ANZ Bank New Zealand Ltd   

Account No:  06 – 0177 – 0237644 – 02  

Why support Burundi Empowerment ?

Because of the extreme poverty in Burundi, children drop school primary school and involve in anti social behavior. Likewise, Ethnic conflict and civil war in Burundi had left many minors and orphans children behind, and they cannot afford to buy school resources.

Many children especially girls who don’t attend school, get unwanted pregnancy and they find difficult to raise their kids. Another compelling reason is that lack of education prevents vulnerable kids to reach their potential, contribute in the economy and become good citizens.

Education for children in Burundi is very critical. The issues of deep poverty make it difficult for most students to obtain  quality education. However, poverty is not the only underlying cause of poor education in Burundi. Children don’t afford the tuition fees or school supplies.

That is the reason why Burundi Empowerment aims to:

-Provide primary school children with resources, books, pen, soccer balls, laptops/ computers and other school equipment to Burundian schools,.

-Empower the community especially children to attend, continue and complete primary school education, organize a Burundi children fun day in order to promote educational awareness and encourage the community embers to give their input.

We are also interested in area of   Community Development, Social change, Social development, Social justice, social planning, Social research, Social Services and International Development.

Q: I would like to be involved in that project, who can I contact and how do I help ?

The best way to contact us is to complete the form provided at the Burundi Empowerment website.

Usually, it takes one to 7 working days to respond your query. We can provide the bank account and details, per your request.

Q: Do you ensure that the support you provide is reaching the real people?  YES

Do you have a strategic approach to prevent the donation from being misused by some officials in Burundi?

We are simply against any/ all  corruption behaviors or misuse of children’s sponsorship.  We deliver the donation directly to orphans , no third party involvement.In order to achieve best outcomes, monitor any donation we provide and prefer to work with local people, community and churches leaders and other trusted individuals. We also do regular assessment to ensure that the support we provided has reached the right children.

Q: I have had that the project is mainly sponsored by New Zealand or in Burundi ,how can I join ?

A: Yes, we welcome any person from any country as long as you have interest in this project, please refer the bank details above.

Q: Can I support if I don’t have financial means?

A: Yes, we welcome any support you may need to provide as long as it can be used to empower those children families. We prefer any empowerment support, which can be used for community development.

Q: Why those children need a special attention?

Most of children we are supporting are returned refugees whose parent have lived neighbor countries of Burundi, during the civil war in 1972 and 1993.

Q: How long will this project last?

A: The project runs every year, January-December.

Q: Where does the project take place?

A: We currently run this project in Musave village, Burundi

Q: Why should I join this project?

A: Obviously, the principle interest of joining this project is that you are helping a desperate child to succeed “ There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being – to help someone succeed”. There are many reasons why this project was created.

Firstly, the Unicef Burundi (2012-2019) affirms that the main challenge that affects many vulnerable in the primary schools in Burundi is the inability to buy the school resources. The UNICEF Burundi ascertains that the vulnerable children drops school and involve themselves in the anti social behavior. As consequences, they commit crime and cause trouble in the community including robbery and illegal activities.

While it is the responsibility of government of Burundi especially the ministry of education and social development to support some vulnerable, the country is unable to provide any assistance because of the extreme poverty. The community members seek to address children’s concerns by providing school with resources required. Importantly, the project seek to fill the gap in education system, and it aims to advance social justice because under the United Nations Conventions Rights for the children, every kid has right to education (UNCRC, 2000).

 If you have any input , interesting questions , please get back to us through http://burundiempowerment.org/faq

Other area of interest is : Community Development Social change,  Social development,  Social justice,  Social planningSocial researchSocial Services and International Development