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Get involved, take action and make difference in lives of vulnerable children in Burundi. We invite and urge you to join ” Burundi Empowerment project, an initiative that aims to empower and support Burundian Unaccompanied orphans and widows with minors to overcome their social challenges and reach their potential. Give support, hope or smile to young Burundians who desperate need of basic educational, social needs to start life Who should be involved? :The project welcomes any person who wish to support vulnerable children and women to reach their potential. If you have more questions browse frequently Asked Questions.

If you wish to make a difference in lives of vulnerable children , widows and families, or if you are motivated to be involved in Humanitarian Affairs/ practical action in Burundi , this is a great opportunity for you . if you consider to support, please contact us by completing the form below or simply e-mail us on burundiempowerment@gmail.com


Why is it interested to join?  : The project aims to make difference with minimum financial support. We believe that helping a disadvantaged child to get basic education, skills and knowledge they require to reach their potential is paramount to every society. The other advantage of join the project is that you can help in many ways and means you can afford . While this initiative requires a financial support contribution, we also understand people’s circumstances . If you may wish to volunteer , give input on blueprint or strategic community development plans . If you have any issue to clarify, please get back to us by completing the form or use burundiempowerment@gmail.com

Our philosophy is to use our little financial means in innovative way just to make practical difference in lives of young children. The focus of this project is to empower these vulnerable children in order to be able to help themselves and take full control of their future.  So, join today , contact burundiempowerment@gmail.com


Reaching the vulnerable kids form the grassroots

The project took important steps to achieve good outcomes. It involves the mobilization and engagement with the community, and it included primarily the community members in order to achieve goals.  The mobilization for the community members is crucial because it helps articulate local people’s aspiration even as they develop from early reactions to larger and more definite goals and objectives.

Burundi Empowerment Project maintains that the mobilisation helped shaped the theory of change and objectives of the projects. This included a notion of what were the political strategies involved, change social attitudes and behaviours in target settings. Likewise, the mobilisation helps bring together the members of the community, resources and other needs  they require.

Our strategic plan was to mobilize the community and invite them through a formal procedure in order to discuss the issues, which affect them. During the mobilization process, the invitation is  sent to the church, school and community leaders, and they identify children who require the support.  Given that the Burundi Empowerment project is a led- community project, the members will discuss, assess explore their assets and ability to contribute in this project that fits the village community needs.



The Burundi Empowerment Project worked alongside school board, the principal, teacher Representatives (Nyabenda Patrice), local community leader( Karori) and church leaders.  The meeting helped conduct a holistic assessment of Musave village needs and community –led initiatives