Access to education is key to halting COVID-19

Fundraising 2020/21 school year in Burundi

Access to education is key to halting COVID-19.

With just a few weeks before the academic year. Burundi Empowerment calls our sponsors to step in and show the solidarity as COVID-19 takes its toll. Burundi Empowerment was recently advised that many unaccompanied children are left in limbo due to COVID-19. It’s also reported that orphans in Burundi live in extremely precarious and overcrowded social environment.

The impact of Covid-19 for children, especially vulnerable and disadvantaged children, is devastating. Children who continue to struggle through hunger and poverty, are now facing the added threat of Covid-19. Many of these children and their families have no way to protect themselves. Access to essential learning materials – books, school supplies and teaching supplies are o needed than before. Burundi Empowerment reaffirms our commitment to support orphans

Burundi Empowerment main objective remains providing quality education to orphans. We echo “every child is entitled to fundamental human rights and is to be treated with dignity”. Again, the accessibility of educational resources to children in Burundi, will help them reach their potential . We also believe that education is the best weapon against both impoverishment and COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, lack of educational resources will expose orphans to extreme poverty, violence, abuse and exploitation. Furthermore, they will be at risk for taking destructive life paths. Instead, Educated children will boost a better chance of having opportunities for constructive and positive life paths they desperately need.

The struggle of street children in Burundi -Africa

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