Children taking the brunt of COVID impact in Burundi.

COVID-19 has worsened the economic situation as many orphans have been left in limbo and struggling. We’re advised that the pandemic poses a clear and present danger to children, particularly the orphans In Burundi. While COVID-19 mortality rate for healthy children infected by the virus has been lower than for adults, today the UNICE and WHO have reported that 30 million are still at risk as diseases and malnutrition go untreated, and children are caught up in increased incidents of violence, including child trafficking. In the light of this, Burundi Empowerment is looking to collaborate with sponsors on joint messages to the public to raise awareness about the plight of vulnerable children due to Covid-19 responses. We require dedicated sponsors and people with a great heart to support the most vulnerable kids in Burundi.

Burundi Empowerment Executive Manager, JP Bizoza