Burundi Empowerment report 2019 available

Since 2013 Burundi Empowerment has successfully assisted more than 1200 children to enroll, complete elementary education and help them to develop literacy skills. The project provides school resources particularly books, pens, uniforms and other school related needs.

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Burundi Empowerment Project expresses gratitude to sponsors for generous donation provided to orphans at Musave village since 2015. Your social justice values, message of hope and humanitarian supports that you continue to show to the most vulnerable kids in Musave village/ Burundi/ Africa, will be rewarding and always remembered.

Once again, on behalf of children of Burundi Empowerment and children in Musave, we once again thank you for assisting the most vulnerable children and the poorest country in the world. Your generous support encourages our continued commitment to assist orphans and the most vulnerable children to attend elementary school, which they desperate need in Burundi.

The School resources delivered to orphans in 2019 included transmission books, pens, laptop, class journals, notebooks for correspondence between school and family

•             copy books

•             Pens

•             Transmission book

•             Class journal

•             Notebook

•             Correspondence between school and family

•             Laptop

Burundi Empowerment promotes and advance the sustainable development goal, which aims to ensure inclusive, equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all children. The project strengthens orphans’ resilience by adhering to the aspiration of the United Nation Rights for children. We believe every child deserves a chance to go to school.

Orphans in Burundi are exposed many hardships which are related to poverty, family hardships, socio-economic needs and poor health. The resultant impact on Burundi society is not just economic but also results in a negative effect on children’s achievement of their full human potential. When children miss out on an education, they’re at greater risk of being exploited. They are more likely to be trafficked, forced to work or get married young, and are less likely to earn enough to make a living.

As documented by UNICEF Burundi, orphans who do not learn to read, write and communicate effectively at primary level are more likely to leave school early, be unemployed or in low skilled jobs, have poorer emotional and physical health and are more likely to end up in poverty and in our prisons.

On the behalf of Musave village kids, I would like to acknowledge and thank you for your social justice values, message of hope and humanitarian supports that you have shown to the most vulnerable orphan. I hope that you will continue to assist the orphans and the most vulnerable kids in Musave village.

As I mentioned before, your generous support encourages our continued commitment to assist orphans and the most vulnerable children to attend elementary school they desperate need. Furthermore, your previous successful fundraising is so acknowledged by the orphans from Musave village. We hope that you will continue to be blessed for your kindness and we are extremely appreciative of all that you have done for them since 2015.We believe every vulnerable kid requires supports.

We appreciate sponsors’ involvement in social justice and promotion of sustainable development, goal 5 that stipulates that every child deserves quality education. Burundi Empowerment assists orphans, accompanied minors and disabled children. We believe that all vulnerable children deserve the opportunity to learn to use reading and writing meaningfully in their lives – to become literate!

Burundi Empowerment will continue assisting orphans with school related needs such as a computer and printer. The resources will assist teacher and principal to register and report children effectively.                    

Kindest regards


Executive Manager Burundi Empowerment Project


Website: www.burundiempowerment.org

For donation: Account name: Burundi Empowerment Branch, ANZ Bank, Account no: No: 06-0177-0237644- 02.

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