COVID-19 requires complex solutions

Reflection from my previous article: Case in New Zealand

The COVID-19 is sophisticated virus. We must defeat it through multiple layers. i.e. We must seek solution from personal, national and international level!

Personal: (a) clean hands regularly with an alcohol-based rub or soap and water, (b) cover one’s mouth and nose with elbow when coughing  or sneezing, (c) stay home when one is unwell (d) avoid unnecessary travel/ large social gatherings and finally (e) comply with advice from local or national health authority.

National: (short term):  NZ authorities have lead us all the way to the victory!  The starting point should be a clear COVID-19 case definition – under WHO guideline, (real case, probable case, close, remote and casual contact etc…).  NZ already adheres to WHO recommendations, which include early detection, trace contact positive cases, quarantine and appropriate care for affected for the virus. However, a number of kiwis believe that it’s high time we aggressively and extensive tested many people in order to determine the likelihood of the community transmission.

In saying that, NZ government is reminded to balance between protecting health, minimizing economic Vs social disruption and human rights aspiration. We must comply to principles of Article 3 of the IHR (the International Health Regulations) i.e. challenge people’s actions that promote stigma or discrimination when conducting national response measures to the outbreak.

International: (long-term solution) COVID-19 can no longer be resolved by any individual country. We need WHO guidance, share responsibility, coordination and strong solidarity among nations. As I mentioned, mankind is a community with a shared future and that only through unity and coordination can humanity tackle various global risks and challenges. Finally, we may consider WAIRUA as we are fighting with the invisible enemy (who will save us?)

Remember the world is a complex place, facing complex viruses that require complex solutions, and thus we need to make complex decisions. We must think big to defeat COVID-19. We need WHO and UN ever than before! More details check the article here :

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